"I should probably masturbate"

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lift me, lift me up where the air is thin and my mind will take off


[imagines a character in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a scenario in the hands of better writers]

[imagines a whole show and concept in the hands of better writers]

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my favorite tumblr phenomenon is when you gain followers when you dont post but lose them when you do

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how am i supposed to forget you when every time i go outside i see things that remind me of you


  • garbage cans
  • dog shit
  • asshole people
  • those babies that you want to punch in the face because they wont stop crying no matter what

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Natalie Dormer SDCC 2014 Portraits by Entertainment Weekly

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Mermaids (1990)

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is pretty offensive of tumblr to recommend to me afterellen and if it’s because i follow some people that do i wish to know that so i can unfollow you. people are super gross and exclusionary there tbh